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CAOS Conflict Management - London Mediation Service

London Mediation Service CAOS Conflict Management can help you resolve conflict effectively and creatively. 

Our main clients are Universities and local authorities, but we also work with community groups, charities, individuals, businesses and families.

The benefits of resolving a difficult situation such as an entrenched family argument, workplace dispute, damaged personal relationship, client or customer complaint, neighbour dispute,communication breakdown etc. include:

  • More time to relax or get on with something productive - less gets taken up 'obsessing' over the difficulty and/or being contacted about it.
  • More energy - less energy is taken up through bodily tension and stress induced by the difficulty.
  • Increased confidence - unresolved conflict can lead us to question ourselves in ways that seem to have no answers.
  • Happier interactions with loved ones - unresolved conflict can distract us from being 'present' with those we are close to.
  • More creative and productive interactions with colleagues, clients and customers at work - unresolved workplace disputes and client complaints can dramatically affect productivity and, therefore, profit.
  • More relaxed, enjoyable living situations and interactions with neighbours and others in the community - not feeling at ease in our own homes can be a stressful, upsetting experience as if we have nowhere to rest and relax. 
London Mediation Service - CAOS Conflict Management

London Mediation Service CAOS Conflict Management provides mediation in all areas of complaint, difficulty, argument, disagreement, but some of the more common areas we work in include (Click on the links below to find out more):

If you are looking for a London Mediation Service, please feel free to contact us by calling us on 020 3371 7507 or by using our enquiry form. 

How does mediation work?

We provide a confidential,impartial service where discretion is assured. Our mediators are all highly experienced in a range of different types of dispute or difficulty.

The mediation process does not involve spending time seeking to establish blame, or even ‘the truth’.

Its focus is on resolution and finding a way forward, after reflecting on what has not worked in the past.

Mediation is not a 'soft option'.

Participants may have spent some time seeking to establish their ‘rightness’ in a situation and the ‘wrongness’ of those with whom they are in dispute.

But the conflict remains unresolved.

When it is recognised that, while an entirely natural response, devoting energy to blame and establishing who is ‘right’ and who is ‘wrong’ has not led to a healthy outcome, participants are more likely to benefit from mediation.

It is not a ‘requirement’ that participants have come to that view, but mediation will not be conducted in a way that reinforces the blame based approach.

This can be challenging for participants in mediation.

They may be wanting vindication of their position but don't receive it from the Mediator who remains impartial throughout the process and does not give opinions or advice to the participants in order to keep to that impartiality.

And through the Mediator holding to this approach, by not taking sides and entrenching the dispute even deeper, mediation can lead to resolution of the conflict and a release from the stress the situation has led to.

The Mediator is a facilitator of creative thinking and effective communication. A feature of any unresolved conflict is that patterns of response and behaviour occur repeatedly without any change to the situation.

A well known phrase states:

"If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you always got"

The Mediator helps other responses to be explored as possible ways forward so that the situation doesn't keep returning to the same outcome.   

A London Mediation Service with plenty of experience

CAOS Conflict Management draws upon over 20 years of Mediation experience and can assist in any difficult situation, relationship breakdown, complaint or other unresolved conflict as well as those listed above.

Mediation is a process for enabling resolution of disputes in any context and our approach has proved effective in helping people in dispute to resolve their difficulty in all areas in which we have provided it.

Please CONTACT CAOS (Tel. 020 3371 7507) if you are looking for an established London Mediation Service for help with your difficulty or if you would like to make use of our other services, including Conflict Coaching and Conflict Management Training.

What if I am not looking for a London Mediation Service but one in another area? 

Please note that CAOS-trained Mediation Practitioners operate in other parts of the UK: 

Lucy Thom - Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire area Mediation and Conflict Coaching Services

Susie Adams - Lisburn, Belfast and other parts of Northern Ireland Mediation and Conflict Coaching Services

Jenny Owen - Sheffield and South Yorkshire Mediation and Conflict Coaching Services

Emma Langstaff - Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Mediation and Conflict Coaching Services

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Mediation from CAOS Conflict Management

CAOS Conflict Management provides mediation in all types of dispute situations but links to some of the main areas are given below:

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University Mediation from CAOS

University Mediation including student complaints and accommodation disputes.

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How to Resolve Bullying at Work

Please click the image above or the text below to purchase this book written by Alan Sharland, Director of CAOS Conflict Management: 

How to Resolve Bullying in the Workplace: Stepping out of the Circle of Blame to Create an Effective Outcome for All.

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Equality and Diversity Mediation

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