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All CAOS-Accredited Conflict Coaches will have attended our 4-day training course and then continue to review and improve their practice via attendance at the ongoing Support and Development sessions we provide on a monthly basis for practitioners who have trained with us. 

The CAOS Model of Conflict Coaching was developed in 2008 and has been used effectively in a range of different areas of practice since its creation. At the time, Alan Sharland, now Director of CAOS Conflict Management was Director of a community mediation service in West London.

Together with colleagues he pioneered the development of Conflict Coaching in the UK, providing the first publicly available service in London in 2008 and established the first Conflict Coaching service in a UK university at Brunel University in 2011. 

Conflict coaching can be used in many different situations where an individual is experiencing an unresolved conflict, either on an ongoing basis in a range of situations or in a 'one-off' situation or relationship. Difficult situations such as:

  • Workplace difficulties with a colleague, for example a sense of being bullied, or having been accused of bullying, as well as other interactions that are not effective at work.
  • Family difficulties - for example with a partner, ex-partner, with a son/daughter or with a parent or relative, such as brother/sister or cousin. 
  • Ongoing challenges such as a difficulty in particular situations that keeps arising, for example how to respond to a sense of someone being rude - do you over react and become abusive or violent, or do you 'freeze' and feel diminished for not having a response? Or something else? 
  • Community difficulties - do you have a dispute with someone in your neighbourhood and find trying to resolve it is not working or that you are at risk of escalating the situation and so want to find a better way forward? 

All such situations and others can be assisted via Conflict Coaching. If you are looking for a CAOS-Accredited Conflict Coach in your area, please see the list below. 

CAOS-Accredited Conflict Coaches

Melloney Guiver 

Melloney is based in Greater Manchester and covers the North West of England.

Melloney has over 10 years’ experience as an Employment Solicitor and currently works with businesses and individuals to resolve workplace disputes as a Solicitor, HR Consultant, Workplace Mediator and CAOS-Accredited Conflict Coach.

Melloney Guiver - CAOS-Accredited Conflict Coach

Her experience as a Solicitor and HR Consultant has exposed Melloney to the myriad of conflict situations that arise between people at work at all levels. She understands and appreciates that often a business’s employment procedures do not or cannot resolve workplace conflict satisfactorily and can sometimes make things worse.

Melloney’s philosophy in life and business is to facilitate a return to harmony in conflict situations and to build bridges rather than destroy them. This desire led her to train as a conflict coach with CAOS in order to provide an alternative route to clients who wish to resolve workplace conflict.

Melloney can be contacted on 07921 522031 and further information about her is available at this webpage on LinkedIn

Joy Justice

Based in the Leeds/ Bradford area, Joy is a CAOS-Accredited Conflict Coach. She is currently offering Mediation and Conflict Coaching sessions for low cost while she builds her practice.

Joy is keen to accompany people in finding their own effective ways of responding to and resolving conflicts.

Rebecca Joy Howard - CAOS-Accredited Conflict Coach

She offers Mediation for neighbourhood, workplace, university and commercial disputes. Her one-on-one Conflict Coaching sessions are available for individuals who would like to explore their own approaches to conflicts and find new ways of responding to them.

She offers sessions in the evenings and during weekends and is able to conduct them by Skype and telephone if appropriate.

Joy can be contacted at:

Joy is also a CAOS-Accredited Mediator

Emma Langstaff

Emma is based in Wantage and covers the Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Hampshire areas. She is a trained counsellor and CAOS-Accredited Conflict Coach.

Emma has 15 years experience of working in the social housing sector and specialises in managing anti-social behaviour. Emma is trained in restorative approaches and uses these skills with her clients in a variety of conflict situations to help them explore and find solutions to their dispute. 

Emma is passionate about helping people find new ways of managing conflict and offers mediation in Housing (homelessness, anti-social behaviour, boundaries, pets, parking, noise) Community, Workplace, Health, Education and Family disputes. 

Emma offers one to one conflict coaching sessions for anyone who is experiencing issues with conflict; giving them space to think about the situation and explore what could be done differently to resolve the issue.

Conflict Coaching sessions are available during evenings and weekends in person and online.

Emma's website can be found here.

Emma is also a CAOS-Accredited Mediator

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