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Lucy Thom June 2023Lucy Thom - CAOS-trained Mediator and Conflict Coach

Operating mainly in the counties of  Dorset Hampshire and Wiltshire I enjoy working as a Mediator and Conflict Coach in a wide range of situations and settings. My Mediation and Conflict Coaching provision has included:

  • Mediation for parents who are separating or divorced,
  • Mediation for work colleagues experiencing a communication breakdown,
  • Coaching a business partner for whom the partnership had run its course
  • Coaching a husband and father facing a significant and imminent loss.

Joint Mediation Meetings are always carried out in person. It is sometimes possible for the Initial Mediation Meetings to be via Skype or FaceTime. Initial Mediation Meetings are held separately with each participant prior to any requested Joint Mediation Meeting. 

Sometimes mediation is simply not an option in which case I am glad to offer up to 3 one-to-one Conflict Coaching Sessions. During these sessions I will listen attentively to you, repeating back to you what I have heard using your own words as much as possible. 

This powerful process, together with the open and future-focused questions which I will ask, usually enables my clients to gain a different perspective of their situation, helping them to explore options they have not yet considered and supporting their self-empowerment through creating their own best way forward.

Conflict Coaching can be over the phone or even out on a dog walk, as well as in a regular meeting room. Skype or FaceTime is also an option.

Lucy has also been an Assistant Trainer on CAOS Conflict Management Mediation training courses and in 2018 she was invited to present the CAOS model of Mediation in Paris for the Institut Francais de la Mediation Autumn Conference:

Lucy Thom - CAOS Mediation Workshop - Institute Francais de la Mediation. Lucy provides mediation in the Dorset Hampshire and Wiltshire counties in England.Lucy's Paris Conference Workshop

About Lucy Thom....

A geographer and former Royal Engineers reserve officer, Lucy’s first career came out of the blue: the first woman and civilian to qualify as a Joint Services (British Forces) Adventurous Sail-Training Skipper, Lucy went onto become a round the world yachtswoman after which she took on a key training and coordination role in a project to relaunch and sail authentically (manually) the classic racing superyacht, “Mariquita”.

These roles demanded a great deal of clear communication and team coordination, as well as mediation skills; crew dynamics, mid-ocean or mid- regatta, can become stifling and potentially damaging if tensions are not resolved.

The safety and well-being of all onboard can quickly become affected, especially in adverse weather conditions.

And where is the pressure release valve, when “going for a walk” or seeking the ear of an external party is simply not an available option?

The learnings from those sailing years stayed with Lucy and after starting a family, she sought a new shore-based occupation which would make use of her maritime experiences.

In 2016, Lucy trained with CAOS Conflict Management in mediation skills and then in the CAOS model of conflict-coaching the following year, and has since attracted and supported a wide variety of clients facing a range of different challenges.

In addition to mediating and conflict-coaching, Lucy is passionate about facilitating effective meetings and supporting people to find and express their authentic voice.

To this end, Lucy has designed a unique training framework:

The Courageous Conversation S.P.A.C.E.

For more information about this and Lucy’s workshops and events, please click on this link:

Conflict Resolution Support in Dorset Hampshire and Wiltshire - Mediation and Conflict Coaching fees

Mediation Fees

Group mediation and facilitation fees vary; please get in touch to discuss your situation and needs.

The following fees apply to mediation situations involving 2 people.

The Initial Mediation Meeting (I.M.M.): £95 per person
This is a one to one 90 minute session held with each participant and it is a pre-requisite to the Joint Mediation Meeting (J.M.M.).

The I.M.M. can take place online, eg. on Zoom.

In some cases, people find that following the I.M.M. they are able to resolve theirdifferences without the further support of a J.M.M.

Conversely, it is also possible that people may request up to 2 extra one to one sessions before they feel ready to participate in a J.M.M.

These extra one to one sessions can also be requested if a J.M.M. is not an option, in which case conflict coaching is then provided.

The Joint Mediation Meeting: £125 pp (includes a 15 minute follow-up call with each participant 1 to 3 weeks after the J.M.M.)

This is a 3 hour meeting which takes place in a safe, neutral venue such as a meeting room in a hotel seminar room, a church meeting room, community centre, or similar.

There is usually an additional charge for the venue; typically this ranges between £25-£75 depending on the location and the facilities provided.

The I.M.M.’s. & the first J.M.M. are usually held within 1 month of each other.

Travel expenses: no motor mileage charge for the first 15 miles; thereafter £0.45p per mile plus £30/hour after the first 20 minutes.
Cancellation Policy: The full fee is payable by bank transfer at the time of booking; full refunds are given for cancellations made at least 72 hours in advance.

I.M.M. 90 min. held on Zoom or similar: £95 per person
J.M.M. 3hrs + 15 min. follow-up call: £125 per person (plus travel if applicable)

Venue hire for the J.M.M. (depending on type): £12.50 - £37.50 per person

Conflict Coaching 

Requests for Conflict Coaching need not be limited to my usual area of operation of Dorset Hampshire and Wiltshire as these can be provided by Skype or FaceTime. 

For individuals:

Conflict Coaching Session:
£45 - £75 sliding scale unwaged or £65 - £135 waged for 60-90 mins.

For organisations: 

Conflict Coaching Session :

£170 for 60 - 90 mins (Discounts available for charities and social enterprises)

Please note that there is a maximum of 3 Conflict Coaching sessions.

Training and Workshop Facilitation

I can also provide training and workshop facilitation outside of the Dorset Hampshire and Wiltshire areas. 

Please contact me to discuss your interests in this. 

If you believe I can assist you in any situation where you are experiencing an unresolved conflict or communication breakdown please contact me via the form below or via my telephone number: 

07739 174237

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