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Lucy Thom - CAOS-Trained Mediator and Conflict Coach
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Lucy Thom - CAOS-trained Mediator and Conflict CoachLucy Thom - CAOS-trained Mediator and Conflict Coach

Operating mainly in the counties of  Dorset Hampshire and Wiltshire I enjoy working as a Mediator and Conflict Coach in a wide range of situations and settings. My Mediation and Conflict Coaching provision has included:

  • Mediation for parents who are separating or divorced,
  • Mediation for work colleagues experiencing a communication breakdown,
  • Coaching a business partner for whom the partnership had run its course
  • Coaching a husband and father facing a significant and imminent loss.

Joint Mediation Meetings are always carried out in person. It is sometimes possible for the Initial Mediation Meetings to be via Skype or FaceTime. Initial Mediation Meetings are held separately with each participant prior to any requested Joint Mediation Meeting. 

Sometimes mediation is simply not an option in which case I am glad to offer up to 3 one-to-one Conflict Coaching Sessions. During these sessions I will listen attentively to you, repeating back to you what I have heard using your own words as much as possible. 

This powerful process, together with the open and future-focused questions which I will ask, usually enables my clients to gain a different perspective of their situation, helping them to explore options they have not yet considered and supporting their self-empowerment through creating their own best way forward.

Conflict Coaching can be over the phone or even out on a dog walk, as well as in a regular meeting room. Skype or FaceTime is also an option.

I am also an Assistant Trainer on CAOS Conflict Management Mediation training courses and I have recently presented a workshop about the CAOS model of Mediation at a conference in Paris for the Institut Francais de la Mediation for their Université d’Automne de la Médiation:

Lucy Thom - CAOS Mediation Workshop - Institute Francais de la Mediation. Lucy provides mediation in the Dorset Hampshire and Wiltshire counties in England.Lucy's Paris Conference Workshop

About Lucy Thom....

As a founding member of EARTH2OCEAN ALLIES, a fledgling organisation dedicated to promoting creative collaborations between different groups and organisations, I am particularly interested in supporting people from different disciplines to communicate effectively, enabling them to work together successfully and develop a common culture aligned with their strategies and goals.

Having travelled widely, including a 5 year round the world sailing voyage, and having lived abroad, I am also interested in mediating multi-national groups and teams. I speak fluent French, reasonable Spanish and Italian and some German.

I also enjoy facilitating a small Compassionate Communication Group in Bournemouth. Our first goal was to meet once a week to study and discuss Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication (NVC) Book. Having completed this we now meet monthly to refresh our learning and connection using a combination of NVC exercises and CAOS training activities.

Conflict Resolution Support in Dorset Hampshire and Wiltshire - Mediation and Conflict Coaching fees


For individuals I offer a sliding scale of charges so that the client can choose their own level of affordability. Please let me know your preferred rate when you contact me.

One to one Initial Mediation Meeting:
£45 - £75 sliding scale unwaged or £65 - £135 waged for a meeting usually lasting 60-90 mins.

Joint Mediation Meeting lasting 2-3 hours - fees per Person:
£60 - £90 unwaged or £95 - £165 waged.

The Joint Mediation Meeting is held at a safe, neutral venue. 
There will usually be additional fees for the venue.

Any second Joint Mediation Meeting will be charged to each participant at 20% less than the fee paid for the first one.

Requests for mediation by organisations, schools and businesses in Dorset Hampshire and Wiltshire:

Please contact me to discuss fees in detail as these will be determined by the number of people involved in the conflict situation and the type of organisation. Please note: I offer discounts to charities and social enterprises.

Typical fees for an Initial Mediation Meeting with each individual participant per person: £170 for 60 - 90 mins.

Typical fees for a Joint Mediation Meeting per meeting involving 2 participants:£350 for 2-3 hrs.

If the Meeting involves more than 2 participants, there will be an additional charge of £75 per additional person.

Conflict Coaching 

Requests for Conflict Coaching need not be limited to my usual area of operation of Dorset Hampshire and Wiltshire as these can be provided by Skype or FaceTime. 

For individuals:

Conflict Coaching Session:
£45 - £75 sliding scale unwaged or £65 - £135 waged for 60-90 mins.

For organisations: 

Conflict Coaching Session :

£170 for 60 - 90 mins (Discounts available for charities and social enterprises)

Please note that there is a maximum of 3 Conflict Coaching sessions.

Training and Workshop Facilitation

I can also provide training and workshop facilitation outside of the Dorset Hampshire and Wiltshire areas. 

Please contact me to discuss your interests in this. 

If you believe I can assist you in any situation where you are experiencing an unresolved conflict or communication breakdown please contact me via the form below or via my telephone number: 

07739 174237

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