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This page lists CAOS-Accredited Mediators. These are practitioners who have trained in the CAOS model of Mediation and who also continue to review and improve their practice via regular attendance at our Support and Development sessions which are directly focused on interactive discussion and training in relation to mediation practice. 

Our approach to accreditation is more demanding than most organisations in that we require anyone who has our accreditation to regularly review their practice experiences at least once every 3 months, and reflect on and learn from these with a view to continually improving their skills and commitment to the discipline of mediation practice.

Unlike many training courses, or accreditation schemes in mediation accreditation is not given simply on the basis of attendance at a training course and possibly a brief period of follow up activity beyond the course. We require practitioners to continuously attend and update their skills in order to maintain their status as accredited.

Our Support and Development sessions are not passive activities such as 'attending a talk' or 'turning up at a meeting', they require active engagement in discussion about and participation in practice related activities.  Mediation is a difficult discipline to maintain and requires ongoing self-reflection and learning as the skills and important aspects of the practice and philosophy that applies to mediation will be lost, as it is not in line with traditional adversarial approaches to conflict. 

CAOS-Accredited Mediator List

Joy Justice

Based in the Leeds/ Bradford area, Joy is a CAOS-Accredited Mediator. She is currently offering Mediation and Conflict Coaching sessions for low cost while she builds her practice.

Joy is keen to accompany people in finding their own effective ways of responding to and resolving conflicts.

Rebecca Howard - CAOS-Accredited Mediator

She offers Mediation for neighbourhood, workplace, university and commercial disputes. 

She offers sessions in the evenings and during weekends and is able to conduct them by Skype and telephone if appropriate.

Joy can be contacted at:

Joy is also a CAOS-Accredited Conflict Coach

Emma Langstaff

Emma is based in Wantage and covers the Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Hampshire areas. She is a trained counsellor and CAOS-Accredited Mediator.

Emma has 15 years experience of working in the social housing sector and specialises in managing anti-social behaviour. Emma is trained in restorative approaches and uses these skills with her clients in a variety of conflict situations to help them explore and find solutions to their dispute. 

Emma is passionate about helping people find new ways of managing conflict and offers mediation in Housing (homelessness, anti-social behaviour, boundaries, pets, parking, noise) Community, Workplace, Health, Education and Family disputes. 

Mediation sessions are available during evenings and weekends in person and online. 

Emma's website can be found here.

Emma is also a CAOS-Accredited Conflict Coach.