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Mediation in London from CAOS Conflict Management

CAOS Conflict Management provides mediation in London for a wide range of types of dispute including:(Click on the links to find out more about each type of mediation in a new webpage)

CAOS provides mediation in London for many different clients, particularly universities and local authorities and other public sector organisations, but also community groups, charities and businesses. 

Mediation in London from CAOS Conflict Management - How does it work? 

We provide a confidential,impartial service where discretion is assured. Our mediators are all highly experienced in providing the mediation process in a range of different types of dispute or difficulty. 

The mediation process does not involve spending time seeking to establish blame, or even ‘the truth’. 

Its focus is on resolution and helping participants create a way forward, after reflecting on what has not worked in the past. 

The CAOS Mediation Process is as follows:

The Mediator will meet each partly separately in an 'Initial Mediation Meeting' which will last between 1-1½ hours. 

At this meeting the Mediator will do the following: 

  • Listen to the participant's view of the situation
  • Explain to them more about mediation including what the Mediator's role is and what is involved in a Joint Mediation Meeting so that they can decide if they would wish to take part in one. 
  • Explore with the participant what might be possible as a way forward in the situation towards its resolution, even if there is not a Joint Mediation Meeting. The mediation process is voluntary and this aspect of the meeting acknowledges that there is no guarantee of a Joint Mediation Meeting going ahead but that there may still be possible actions that can be taken to help improve the situation whether the Joint Meeting is chosen or not. This feature of the CAOS model is unlike most other models of mediation where non-agreement to a Joint Meeting would mean the process is described as 'failed'. This approach means that the process can, in some cases, still support participants in moving to a point of resolution or at least improvement, whether a Joint Mediation Meeting is requested or not. 

If those involved in the situation do wish to meet for a Joint Mediation Meeting this is arranged at a neutral venue and lasts 2-3 hours. At this meeting, there will be 'uninterrupted time' where each participant will be given an opportunity to say all that they wish to about the situation and the things they find difficult about it. This will then be summarised back to them to ensure they are clear they have said all that they wish to, or to change anything.

Once this opportunity has been given to all participants the meeting moves into the main discussion where the Mediator will support the discussion in being effective and creative, but the focus will be to support the participants in having their own conversation rather than to 'lead' it or direct it in any manner.

The purpose of mediation is essentially to make itself unnecessary so that participants can re-establish or newly establish their capacity to create their own answers to their situation and to overcome the difficulties that have prevented that from happening in the past. 

A second meeting is also sometimes requested by the participants. 

CAOS has been providing mediation in London since it was established in 2011 but our mediators have been practising for many years before that. Alan Sharland, Director of CAOS Conflict Management became a Mediator in 1994 and has been practising continuously since that time. For more information about Alan, please visit this page

Mediation Clients have included:

  • Brunel University
  • SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies)
  • London Borough of Hillingdon
  • University of East London
  • University of Southampton
  • Various community groups and charities
  • Various individuals with family related difficulties

Please contact us on 020 3371 7507 in order to discuss referral of a situation for mediation. Alternatively please contact us by email via our Enquiry Page

We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Mediation from CAOS Conflict Management

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