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A List of UK Mediators
Trained and Accredited by
CAOS Conflict Management

List of UK Mediators

Please refer below to our list of UK Mediators who have been trained and accredited by CAOS Conflict Management in the provision of the CAOS Model of Mediation.

Please note that we train a lot of mediators but accreditation is only achieved by continuous commitment to reflective practice and development of the skills and discipline of providing the CAOS Model of Mediation. 

Mediation is a personally challenging discipline and so taking time to reflect on and improve practice and acknowledge and deal with the personal challenges that arise from carrying out the role is essential if a Mediator is to be able provide an effective process for clients.

Therefore we do not endorse practitioners unless they illustrate a continued commitment to this reflective learning and personal development. 

Unlike a lot of accreditations in the mediation field the CAOS Accreditation is not achieved by 'attending a course', we only accredit mediators who continually review and improve their practice and deepen their understanding of the process beyond training. 

Our list of UK Mediators gives a brief summary of the geographical area in which they operate and the usual areas of dispute for which they provide the mediation process - please click the link on each name to find out more about that particular practitioner:

Lucy Thom - Operates in the counties of Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire including the towns of Bournemouth, Southampton and Salisbury. Lucy provides mediation in family conflict, workplace disputes and education related disputes and provides group mediation in all of these contexts as well. Lucy is also a CAOS-accredited Conflict Coach and a facilitator and trainer in mediation skills with CAOS. 

Emma Langstaff - Operates in the counties of Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire including towns such as Oxford, Reading, Swindon, Newbury, Chippenham and Abingdon. Emma provides mediation in housing and community disputes, workplace and educational disputes and in family conflict situations. Emma is also a CAOS-accredited Conflict Coach. 

Jenny Owen - Operates in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire area. Jenny provides mediation in workplace, community and has extensive experience of working in educational settings both as a mediator and as a trainer. Jenny is also a CAOS-accredited Conflict Coach. 

Alan Sharland - Operates in the London and South-East region. Alan is Director of CAOS Conflict Management and provides mediation in workplace disputes including equality/diversity/inclusion issue and bullying allegations, community disputes, complaints work (NHS and University Student Complaints and has also worked in SEN Mediation), group disputes, family conflict and neighbour disputes. Alan is also a Conflict Coach and Trainer in the CAOS Models of Mediation and Conflict Coaching. Alan is also a workplace bullying resolution consultant and conflict management systems advisor and consultant. 

Susie Adams - Operates in the Lisburn and Belfast area of Northern Ireland. Susie provides mediation in workplace disputes, community issues, family conflict situations and is a very experienced Mediator in the field of SEN (Special Educational Needs disagreements) Susie is also a CAOS-accredited Conflict Coach and a facilitator and trainer in mediation skills with CAOS. 

If you cannot find someone on our list of UK Mediators who operates in your geographical area, please contact us anyway as we may have details of other mediators who operate in your area. 

If the mediators above do not have the type of dispute area listed that you are looking for mediation support with, please contact us anyway as mediation is a generic process that can assist in any area of dispute or relationship breakdown. We have listed the more common categorisations for its use but there is a wider scope for its application.

Other areas may include disagreements over a Will, social work settings, family group conference support, sports related conflict, 'medical mediation' which we would categorise under the NHS Mediation heading and others.

Please feel free to contact us if you are unsure. 

If you would like to train as a Mediator or Conflict Coach with CAOS Conflict Management and eventually be on our list of UK Mediators, please visit the links below for the relevant training course: 

Mediation Training Course

Conflict Coaching Training Course

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