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Workplace Mediation Training to Establish In-House Mediation For
Your Organisation

Workplace Mediation Training from CAOS Conflict Management

Workplace Mediation Training from CAOS Conflict Management can help you establish an in-house mediation service. We can help your organisation avoid the pitfalls, and overcome the challenges of introducing this process, which is increasingly and effectively being used to resolve conflict within organisations.

Are you an individual looking for Mediation Skills Training to apply in workplaces? Click here to find out about our next course, held in London.

The Government is keen to encourage the use of mediation by employers to help resolve workplace disputes before they escalate to the extent that they lead to Employment Tribunals. Organisations may wish to use external mediators or develop their own in-house provision. CAOS Conflict Management can help with both.

Organisations are more likely to develop their own in-house provision the larger the organisation and this is also more possible because it makes it less likely that staff working as mediators will know the staff they provide mediation for. Smaller organisations may simply wish to buy in mediation when the need arises.

Click Here for a link to an article in the Guardian newspaper website on 22nd March 2012 about the many benefits and the growing popularity of the use of mediation in the workplace.

CAOS Conflict Management provides: 

  • Initial consultation to help you create your mediation service model, tailored to the needs of your organisation
  • An established, practical and effective mediation skills training course
  • Support and advice for the recruitment of internal mediators
  • Consultancy and training support to enable the integration of mediation into your organisation's present procedures.
  • A vast level of experience of how to appropriately manage a functioning, effective mediation service
  • Support for mediators beyond their training to maintain effectiveness and provide personal development opportunities.

We have particular experience of working with Universities to set up mediation services but we have also established and managed stand-alone mediation and conflict management organisations from scratch.

How much does Workplace Mediation Training cost?

Exclusive of travel and accommodation costs, our prices are as follows:

Daily rate for consultancy - £1000

Mediation Skills Training Course (6 days)

- up to 4 participants - £6000

- up to 8 participants - £9000

- up to 12 participants - £12,000

Mediation Awareness Training for organisation staff to support integration of mediation into your organisation - £800 per day.

As an example of our input, we have enabled the successful implementation of in-house mediation in Brunel University and been asked back to Brunel to help set up a pioneering Conflict Coaching service, as well as provide Conflict Management training for staff.

If you would like to have workplace mediation training in order to set up a mediation service in your organisation, please contact us on:

020 3371 7507


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Online Conflict Coaching Skills Introductory Training Course.

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This is what people say about CAOS training...

"In my 20 years experience as an academic this is the best ‘in-service’ training I have experienced. The quality of the training team’s preparation and the skill with which they conducted the course was impressive."

Dr Meretta Elliott -Senior Lecturer-School of Arts-Brunel University - speaking about a 6-day Mediator training course run by Alan Sharland and colleagues.

"This was not an easy course; the challenges involved in working outside one’s usual mode of operation were considerable, but the upbeat attitude of the trainers and the calm and supportive atmosphere they created meant that I was free to work outside my comfort zone in developing an approach to assisting others deal with their own situations."

Dr Mary Richards - Subject Leader for Drama - Brunel University - also speaking about the Mediator training course.

"This was a very successful workshop, feedback described the day as “fun”, “interesting” and “informative” with a “superb” trainer who had a “very thoughtful approach”. 100% of our attendees said they had enjoyed the course and they would recommend it to colleagues."

Tania Murrell - Business Development Manager, Hillingdon Association of Voluntary Services - speaking about the workshop 'Dealing with Difficult Behaviour' run by Alan Sharland.

Train to be a Mediator with CAOS Conflict Management

"Alan provided excellent training for mediators at Common Ground Mediation which was challenging but also thoroughly enjoyable.

He led us through various interactive exercises to help us reflect on the mediator's role and impartiality. I would highly recommend Alan as a trainer for mediators."

Morag Steven - Director of Common Ground Mediation, Edinburgh, Scotland.

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