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Associate Mediators at CAOS Conflict Management

CAOS Conflict Management draws upon Associate Mediators and Conflict Coaches to provide its services. All mediators and coaches will have attended the CAOS 6-day Mediation Skills Training course or its equivalent and shown a commitment to continuously reviewing and improving their practise in these fields via attendance at regular Continuing Professional Development events.

Below is a list of our Associates together with their biographies relating their areas of practice and other relevant information:

Associate Mediators:

Susie Adams works independently as a Mediator, Facilitator, Conflict Coach and Trainer. Susie is now based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland and provides Mediation in the Belfast area.

Susie has completed over 200 community, workplace, schools, conflicts on committees and family mediations. She is also a self- employed special educational needs disagreements mediator for a London Mediation Service.

Susie's previous employments include working as a Case Manager, Mediator, Conflict Coach and Trainer for Hillingdon Community Mediation. This service supported people in effectively resolving neighbour disputes and other difficult situations they had become involved in.

She was also a Trainer, Project Manager and Facilitator for Act for Change. Act for Change inspires young people to consider their social responsibility for themselves and for how they treat others by introducing them to a holocaust survivor. The survivor talks about their experiences and the young people attend a workshop to debrief them on what they had heard and the positive change they can make in their own lives.

She established a Family Outreach Service in an area of high deprivation in West London supporting families to access core services and community programs through a London based charity E.A.S.E.(Empowering Action and Social Esteem).

She offers her services on a voluntary basis training mentors for the Chiltern Lighthouse Mentoring Service who provide a free confidential one-to-one mentoring service designed to help young people aged 8 -14 who are going through a difficult time.

Susie works hard at challenging herself to learn and develop her practice in the field of conflict resolution and very much enjoys working with CAOS Conflict Management.

Steph Stuart CAOS Mediator and Conflict Coach

Stephanie Stuart is a mediator and conflict coach based in West London. Stephanie has practised as a mediator for more than 15 years, working with the CAOS model of mediation and conflict coaching.

She has worked in community mediation and with family separation issues as well as with workplace conflicts. In addition to her practical experience, Stephanie has a Postgraduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution & Mediation Studies and she is an approved mediator, accredited with the College of Mediators.

Stephanie has a background in education and management, and has trained to Master’s level in organisational psychology. This background supports her work with individuals and organisations to manage conflict and promote change. She is also an Assistant Trainer on the CAOS Conflict Management Mediation Skills Training course.

Stephanie also offers professional practice supervision for mediators.

Find out more at: Stephanie's LinkedIn Profile

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Mediation from CAOS Conflict Management

CAOS Conflict Management provides mediation in all types of dispute situations but links to some of the main areas are given below:

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University Mediation including student complaints and accommodation disputes.

Workplace Mediation

Workplace Dispute Mediation

How to Resolve Bullying at Work

Please click the image above or the text below to purchase this book written by Alan Sharland, Director of CAOS Conflict Management: 

How to Resolve Bullying in the Workplace: Stepping out of the Circle of Blame to Create an Effective Outcome for All.

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Equality and Diversity Mediation

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