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The Cost of Mediation and other Conflict Management Services

CAOS Conflict Management tries to ensure a clarity regarding the cost of mediation and other conflict management services it provides. Below is a list of prices for the services we offer.

Our aim is to try to ensure access to our services for organisations and individuals is not prohibitive while at the same time meeting our own needs to operate as a successful business.

Please contact us if you have questions about our services and their prices or would like to use the services we offer.

Mediation - click this link for details of the mediation services provided by CAOS Conflict Management

For organisations the cost of Mediation is as follows – please note these are the charges for cases within the London area and so travel / accommodation costs may apply if outside of London. The figures also do not include any room costs.

For a case involving two parties:
Initial Meetings: These last approximately 1-1½ hours.

Initial Meeting with Party 1: £295

Initial Meeting with Party 2: £295

Please bear in mind our approach can mean it is possible for resolution to be achieved without the need for a Joint Meeting

Joint Meeting between parties lasting up to 3 hours: £525

Any subsequent Joint Meeting will be charged at £475 up to a maximum of 3 Joint Meetings. It is extremely rare for a third Joint Meeting to be requested.

Hence the total cost for a case progressing through to a Joint Meeting will be £1115 or £1590 and at most £2065.

More than two people involved in a dispute?

For each additional participant the cost rises in proportion to the above costs.

Group Mediation – 5 or more people involved:

Please contact us to discuss the costs for group disputes as these can be negotiated.

We have experience of effectively providing mediation for groups as large as 15.

If you are an individual wanting to have mediation, please contact us to discuss our rates.

If you believe your organisation would wish to use mediation on a regular basis we would be happy to establish contracts to provide it at a cheaper rate for a minimum number of cases over a yearly period

Conflict Coaching

Our Conflict Coaching costs £150 per hour for organisations and sessions are a minimum of 1½ hours.

If you would like to provide access to Conflict Coaching for employees or service users at your organisation, we would be happy to enter into contracts to provide it on a renewable yearly basis.

Please call us on 020 3371 7507 for the costs if you are an individual wanting to have Conflict Coaching

For Group Conflict Coaching the cost will vary according to the venue.

Mediation Skills Training

The cost of mediation skills training on our 6-day course is normally £1350, however we sometimes offer 'early booking discounts' and discounts on bookings of 2 or more places on the course.

Conflict Coaching Training

Our 4-day Conflict Coaching Training course costs £850 to attend however we sometimes offer early booking discounts and discounts on bookings of 2 or more places.

In order to attend the 4-day course, attendees must first have attended one of the following:

  • A Conflict Coaching Introductory 'Orientation' day
  • Our Mediation Skills Training course
  • Group Conflict Coaching

Conflict Management Training

This includes:

    Effective Communication Skills

    Managing Conflict in Teams

    Meeting Skills

    Dealing with Difficult Behaviour

    .....and other bespoke training

The cost for one day of training in the above is £1000 or
£595 for a half-day - We do not offer training for less than a half day unless it is local to us in London.

Mediator/ Conflict Coaching Practitioner Mentoring including via Skype, FaceTime or over the telephone - £75 per hour or £120 per hour for Social Media and Internet Marketing Mentoring.

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CAOS Conflict Management provides:


Conflict Coaching

Conflict Management Training including in Mediation skills and Conflict Coaching skills

Consultancy regarding set-up of Mediation provision within organisations, particularly Universities, and regarding the setting up of independent mediation organisations.

Please CONTACT CAOS if you have an enquiry about any of our services.



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CAOTICA the CAOS Conflict Management Blog

"Tower Hamlets Mediation Service was going through a transformation and we needed an external Mediator/Conflict Coach to assist with communication between staff and Management Committee.

Alan was excellent in this role and helped all parties individually first and then as part of a team to work together. He was quite creative in his approach and supported everyone involved through the conflict. Gentle yet powerful."

Irene Grindell - ex Director at Tower Hamlets Mediation Service, now Trainer and Advisor at Inspire Visions